hito labs

hito labs


Eventually everything connects: people, ideas, objects. The quality of the connection is key to quality per se.
- Charles Eames.


hito labs is the first ever community systems lab. 

hito labs was born from a question of amplification. Can we magnify the impact companies and individuals can have by connecting them to the right person, advice or opportunity?

Instead of focusing on optimising information and knowledge flow in a given community, can we start looking at how to better connect a whole system, a super-connected macro community? 

hito labs helps organisations, startups, corporates and agencies connect to what matters most: talent, opportunities, advice, investors, collaborators.  


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hito labs was founded by Victoria Stoyanova.

Victoria has spent the last decade building interdisciplinary communities for companies such as Techstars, CreativeMornings and Second Home. 

She discovered a real need for existing communities to connect with other industries, ideas and people. This brought her to start creating links between the different communities she is part of: The Royal Society of the Arts, Second Home, CreativeMornings, Techstars, Hyper Island, On Being, Impossible, Escape the City and more. 

These experiments lead her to start looking at communities not as individual clusters, but as elements of a much larger, super-connected system. This system and its modularity are the basis of the future of work.

In an increasingly interconnected and interdependent world, we need to actively participate in and design the broader systems we are part of.